Who is eligible to get food from the Madison Food Center?

Residents of Madison Village and Township are eligible to receive an emergency supply of food every 30 days. Residents must provide proof that they live in Madison such as a utility bill or rental form and show a photo ID such as a driver’s license or state issued identification card. Clients will also be asked if they meet financial guidelines as established by the Cleveland Food Bank however proof of income such as pay stubs are not required. This information will be reviewed annually.

My garden is doing really well- can I donate some produce?

As gardens flourish, the opportunity to share your bounty is appreciated! Please remember that your items must be clean and fresh; they can only be accepted 1/2 hour before our client visitation hours as we have limited storage space for fresh food items.

How much does the Food Center pay in wages to the staff?

The staff of the Food Center is composed entirely of volunteers! All are people from our community who wish to assist in some way to meet the needs of all who can use a helping hand.

Does the Madison Food Center work with other agencies?

The Madison Food Center has a strong relationship with other agencies! The Cleveland Food Bank is a major supplier of foods which we can purchase at reduced cost. Additionally, we receive support through United Way of Lake County and its Harvest for Hunger drive, and Catholic Charities. Referrals come through area churches, the Madison Salvation Army, and many other sources.

I’m a deer hunter- could I donate a deer to the food center?

The short answer is “probably”! If you would like to donate a deer, it must be processed by a local butchering service, as Evans’, and the Food Center will pick it up from them. We cannot accept venison which has been stored at home due to health regulations. Generally, the Food Center will cover the cost of processing. If you have any questions, call the Food Center during regular service hours. The Evans' (440-428-6683) are also able to answer many questions about the process.